Louis Ruys B.V.
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  • Since 1904 Louis Ruys has been a supplier of an extensive range of steel wire ropes. In our warehouse in Zwijndrecht we are keeping large stocks of stainless, galvanised and synthetic-coated ropes. For a detailed specification please
    click here.
  • Architectural ropes of high grade stainless steel, made on lengths in accordance with customer's specification and provided with end-fittings in a wide range of types, among which the Fineline® studterminals. After being fitted these terminals are of the same diameter as the rope. The perfect solution when rope and terminals have to be rigged into a fencing- or similar construction. Please take a look at our Brugg architectural programme.
  • For more than 50 years Louis Ruys has been sole-importer of "KITO Chain Italia - Weissenfels". The good reputation of Weissenfels as a chain manufacturer even dates from 1462 (!). All chains and accessories of the lifting programme, both in grade 80 and in grade 100, are available from our stock. Please click on Weissenfels.